Magnetic boards

Magnetic boards made of safety glass

We specialize in the production of magnetic glass boards, which are perfect for taking notes, learning languages or making business presentations. Unlike ordinary dry-wipe boards, glass magnetic boards have a delicate reflection, which gives them elegance and emphasizes the modernity of the interior.

Magnetic boards manufactured by us are safe - flat glass, after precise processing, is transported to the tempering plant, where it undergoes a tempering process, which increases the board's strength parameters and resistance to temperature changes. The glass is varnished before the tempering process, thanks to which the paint retains its natural color for a long time and is resistant to scratches.

We use a wide range of high quality glass varnishes. The most popular colors include snow white, classic black, blue and red. At your request, we can paint the board in any color from the RGB gamut and make the board in accordance with the given dimension.

All supermarkets can be used for glass boards: dry-erase, chalk and permanent ones (only in the case of permanent ones, we wipe the board with a glass cleaner). We can use silver - neodymium magnets for boards.

tablice magnetyczne
Colored boards made of safety tempered glass

Our magnetic boards

We offer magnetic boards made of safe float glass in several variants:

Painted in any color from the RAL palette

Each of our boards can be made in a magnetic variant that allows you to attach ordinary and neodymium magnets. Magnetic boards are made in sizes: 120x90 cm, 100x150 cm

At the customer's request, we can make a glass board to size.

Magnetic boards – technical data

Material: Made of AGC or Pilkington flat glass, 4 mm thick.

Safety: Safety glass, tempered.

Magnetic sheet: Made of corrosion-resistant galvanized sheet.

Edges: Polished.

Assembly: Easy and safe.

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