scianka akustyczna mobilna bunto


Mobile acoustic walls are a great solution for offices that need to take care of the acoustic comfort of their employees. They are very easy to assemble and can be moved freely anywhere in the office. We do not have to worry about noise, because mobile acoustic panels effectively suppress it. It's a great way to keep employees comfortable and focused on work. It is worth investing in such panels to provide employees with the best working conditions.



  • TOTAL DIMENSIONS: 180x70 cm / 190x100 cm / 190x130 cm
  • MAGNETICITY: For neodymium magnets - silver
  • WEIGHT: size 190x100 cm - 28 kg
  • GLASS - for the variant with a board: Safe - tempered

tablice szklane magnetyczne office pro bunto

Panele akustyczne mobilne bunto

Panele akustyczne mobilne
Mobile acoustic panels

Version: acoustic panel with manetic glass panel

scianka akustyczna plus tablica do pisania

Version – acoustic panel

scianla akustyczna bunto

Mobile acoustic walls are a perfect solution to ensure privacy and efficient use of space in offices. Easy to assemble and move, their appearance and durability make them an ideal solution for furnishing offices and other facilities. They are available in 28 different colors, so you can easily match them to the style of the interior and the appearance of the entire space. Mobile acoustic walls are equipped with environmentally friendly finishes that are extremely easy to clean and soundproof. They are also easy to store, making them quick and easy to move from one place to another.

The glass coating guarantees no wiping of the glass

Why a mobile glass board?


  • Perfect for modern offices, a new dimension of OPEN SPACE
  • Elegant and easy to clean and care for.
  • Made of safety tempered glass in accordance with the PN-EN 12150 standard
  • Available in 25 colors / Option to paint any RAL and NCS
  • Frame available in black and white
  • Perfect color rendering - Pure variant made of glass with a reduced shade of green
  • Factory assembled
  • Lacquered according to building standards
  • Can be supplied with wallboards in the same color
  • Front and back can be made in different colors