Magnetic boards manufacturer


Machine park

Glass boards are made on precise glass processing machines. The glass is cut to the given size on an automatic cutting table. Then it goes to the hardening plant, where, in order to increase its strength, it is subjected to high temperature and quickly cooled down. We transport the hardened sheets to the paint shop where we paint them in the desired color or leave them colorless, all depending on the order placed. If the board is to be magnetic, we connect the glass pane with a layer of metal.

Our boards

We create boards only from certified flat glass with increased strength. Our glass undergoes a hardening process, thanks to which its resistance to mechanical impact increases. We offer various sizes of panes in standard colors: white, red, black. Each of the boards can be made in a magnetic version. In addition to color boards, we also make colorless boards, which are perfect for bright rooms. Colorless boards are equipped with decorative rotulas made of stainless steel, which securely hold the glass pane against the wall.

Our team

We started our adventure with glass in 2009; at that time, colored lacquered glass appeared on the market, which gave new opportunities to the glass industry and inspired us to create a new product - a glass writing board. Thanks to the modern design - a glass pane combined with a polished edge, we fit well into the tastes of companies that are looking for modern office solutions and a visually attractive product. Starting with colorless boards, we expanded our offer with colored and magnetic boards. As of today, we have a wide offer, both for individual clients and for companies; we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our products.

Why choose TwojSzklarz writing boards:

  • We use glass from renowned manufacturers
  • We make high-gloss edges
  • Product made in Poland
  • Possibility to order custom-made boards
  • Professional advice
  • Experienced assembly team